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During the Coldest Months, Natural Gas Provides Affordable Heating

The winter lull has arrived – in the midst of a pandemic, no less – and you’ve reached the point in the season where the only thing that sounds enjoyable is to stay home where it’s warm and cozy. During these long winter months, heating a home can be costly. But for households using affordable natural gas, old man winter doesn’t seem so scary. That’s because natural gas customers pay just 1/3 of the cost to heat their homes as those living in all-electric homes. 

Families and households that choose a traditional mix of natural gas and electricity save nearly $900 a year compared to those using electricity only. With the current COVID-19 pandemic creating economic uncertainty for millions of Americans and their families, these cost savings are more important than ever, and underscore the benefits of utilizing natural gas directly in the home for heating, stovetop cooking and instant hot water. 

For those individuals thinking about retirement and first-time homebuyers on a fixed income, the cost savings of natural gas mean real money that can be used for home repairs and upgrades, unplanned emergencies, and overall additional financial security in such uncertain times. 

Homeowners and new home buyers overwhelmingly prefer natural gas because of its affordability, reliability and resilience – which is why it isn’t surprising that more than 175 million Americans already use natural gas in their home or business for space and water heating, cooking and clothes drying. 

So, when you’re curled up on the couch this winter, take a moment to consider if you’re taking advantage of the many benefits that affordable natural gas has to offer. If you’re not, consider making a switch! It will be worth it – in more ways than one.