Natural gas:
Energy your family can
rely on

When severe weather hits, the peace of mind provided by natural gas makes all the difference. No matter the conditions, customers with natural gas maintain their ability to cook a warm meal, take a hot shower and heat their home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Natural gas provides year-round, reliable home and water heating, cooking and clothes drying for millions of Americans nationwide.

When it matters most, access to direct use of natural gas is one of the most valuable resources in any home – especially during hurricanes and winter storms that routinely leave homes without electricity for hours and days on end.

By choosing to use natural gas directly your home, you’ll ensure that your family has the ability to cook, take a warm shower and heat your home reliably all year round – keeping you safe, secure and comfortable.

Unlike electric appliances, which are subject to frequent grid outages, the reliability of natural gas in your home can give you much-needed peace of mind, helping you keep up your daily routine no matter what’s going on outside.

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Failures in the electric grid cost $150 billion each year.

Nearly 85 million American homes rely on natural gas energy for uses like home and water heating, cooking and clothes drying.

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