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Get Smart About the Benefits of Direct Use of Natural Gas

School is officially back in session and even as an adult you can feel like the smartest kid in the class by making the switch to the direct use of natural gas in your home! Let’s study up on the many benefits of natural gas as a home energy source:

  • Efficiency: Natural gas is three times more efficient than electricity from source to appliance. This means that while your natural gas appliances help make efficient use of your time, they’re also using natural gas in its most efficient form – helping reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing natural gas allows you to get the most from your home energy source.
  • Affordability: Natural gas customers save an estimated $900 annually compared to utility customers with all electric appliances. After summer vacations and family getaways those savings can make a big difference. You don’t have to be a math whiz to see that natural gas can loosen your purse strings and boost your budget.
  • Reliability: Natural gas appliances are reliable in the event of weather emergencies and natural disasters, so you won’t have to worry about losing heat or hot water if the power goes out. In times of crisis and every day, natural gas is the reliable energy source you need to keep up with your busy family.

More than 175 million Americans use natural gas in their home or business and nearly 70% of new homeowners indicated they preferred natural gas for their home. With stats like these, switching to natural gas is a no-brainer! Interested in making the switch to direct use of natural gas in your home? Visit to learn how you can start benefiting from natural gas appliances today.