From house to home with

Natural Gas

Go Stir Crazy…on the Stove!

Recently the internet has been brimming with people utilizing their time spent at home learning new skills and perfecting known ones. What a great time to practice and improve your culinary talents! Pursuing your passions is important, and cooking at home has so many benefits.

To Cook or Not to Cook?

Just a few of the reasons to fire up your natural gas stove/oven and put your chef’s hat on for the nights you’re craving a homemade meal:

  • Home-cooked meals can be healthy – you’re in complete control of the ingredients you add.
  • Cooking with those you love is therapeutic and a great bonding experience.
  • It’s easier to tailor your meals according to your allergies and preferences.
  • It helps you pay attention to portion sizes and the eating habits you’re forming.

The Perks of Being a Natural Gas Genius

While you have a lot of options for how you cook delicious meals, we believe natural gas provides the best cooking experience. Allow us to flex just a few reasons why:

  • Gas stoves provide instant, even heating with easily adjusted flames to help you set the perfect temperature every time.
  • Using a natural gas stove is more cost-effective than powering an electric stove.
  • If the power goes out, you’ll likely still be able to cook. (More info in our FAQ.)
  • Say goodbye to playing Jenga with a pile of briquettes and waiting 20 minutes for them to turn gray. Start your natural gas grill with a flick of the wrist and throw some burgers on.

Now You’re Cooking with Gas!

Enough talking, it’s time to dig in. Whether you are an experienced chef or someone just beginning to dabble in the culinary world, we can recommend a few recipes to show off just how good natural gas cooking can be: