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Natural Gas

Help Your Natural Gas Stove Help You

You’ve got your new natural gas stove all set up. Maybe you’ve even completed a DIY backsplash project. Now it’s time to talk about stove accessories. Just as grilling accessories can take your natural gas grill game to the next level, the right items in your kitchen will help you get the most of your natural gas stove.

On the countertop

Utensil caddy – A worker is only as good as his tools! A caddy for your cooking utensils ensures that you will have your most-used weapons of choice handy and ready for quick action.

Ingredient storage canisters – Having easy access to certain ingredients is crucial. Whether you go rustic, modern or stylish, the thing to remember is to get a set that fits your counter space and has enough containers to hold your most popular go-to ingredients.

Timer – Sure, you could use your phone, but often your hands will be dirty and the counter is a mess, so get a dedicated timer for cooking. It can even be a way to express yourself, since there are so many cute and unique designs to choose from.

Spoon rest – You can’t leave a ladle or spoon in a hot pot or pan, so make sure you have a resting place for it in between stirs. Similar to the timer, pick one that speaks to your personal creativity.

Hanging racks

Pot rack – Stacking pots and pans in a cabinet is a precarious operation, and it often leaves many items inaccessible. Try hanging them on a rack instead! Some racks mount directly to a wall or can hang from the ceiling above an island. The space you save as well as the easy access will be a game changer.

Spice rack – Are you someone who uses a lot of spices when cooking? Make sure you have quick access to whichever spice your taste buds are craving by mounting a spice rack near the stove.

Bonus game changer

Reusable gas stove burner liner – Cleaning a stove is time-consuming! With a reusable burner liner, cleaning after a spill is as simple as peeling it up and letting it soak until it wipes clean.

Cooking isn’t just about nourishment. It can also be a fun stress reducer, especially when you’ve got the right tools to help you succeed. So let’s get cooking with gas!