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Make the Most of Your Holiday Season With Natural Gas

Time to pull out your flannel and favorite fall sweaters – Thanksgiving is fast approaching! While this time of year reminds us how much we have to be grateful for as we gather with friends and family, balancing obligations, travel, shopping and cooking can be hectic. From hosting a friendsgiving to getting your home ready for guests or packing for holiday travels, it can feel like there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. This holiday season, ensure you are prepared for the chaos by making the switch to natural gas, an efficient, affordable, and reliable source of energy for your home.

Whether you’re prepping for holiday travel this Thanksgiving, or getting your own home ready for friends and family, having an efficient home is a must! Did you know that you can save time and money by using a natural gas dryer? Households that use natural gas appliances, including natural gas dryers, are 2.5 times more efficient than homes that use all electric appliances. This means you’ll have the ability to successfully clean the guest room sheets and towels with fewer laundry cycles needed. As a bonus, natural gas dryers dry faster than traditional electric dryers. Once turned off, natural gas dryers cool faster than electric dryers resulting in fewer wrinkles and less time spent on the hassle of ironing. The result is fast and efficient washing and drying, allowing you to spend less time on holiday house prep and more time on what matters most– family.

Once your home is ready to welcome guests and it’s time to cook your Thanksgiving feast, you will continue to be thankful for the affordability and reliability of natural gas. Gas stoves can reduce energy costs by nearly 30% when compared with an electric stove. Not only that, their consistent cooking and ability to precisely control the flame make natural gas stoves the top choice of professional chefs. Make certain your mashed potatoes are the talk of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner by switching to natural gas today. Genius Tip: Use a reusable gas stove burner liner to save time on clean up!

Make the genius choice this November and switch to natural gas to ensure your holiday season is a breeze. Visit to learn how to get started today.