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What’s On Your New Year’s Resolution List?

As is tradition at the exciting start of each new year, millions of Americans across the country are reminiscing and gearing up to set goals to grow in the year ahead. While the success of these resolutions ultimately falls to each one of us, with the help of natural gas appliances in your home, some resolutions can be a breeze to achieve. Here are just a few:

Manage laundry more efficiently: We’ve all dealt with laundry pileups that feel overwhelming. This happens to the best of us, no matter if you’re living alone or with a big family. Learning to more efficiently manage laundry can keep your evenings and weekends free for more enjoyable activities with family and friends. The best way to create a more efficient system is by switching to efficient appliances, of course! Thanks to the efficiency of your natural gas dryer, you can rest easy knowing your clothes will be fluffy and fresh as soon as the buzzer dings.

Learn to cook a special meal: If there’s a meal you’ve been wanting to learn how to make but you’re too afraid to give it a try, now’s the time! With the help of your natural gas stove and oven, you’ll have access to consistent and controlled heat as you try your hand at whipping up chef favorites like beef bourguignon or profiteroles. What are you waiting for?

Prioritize “me” time: We get that the holidays can be draining (both physically and emotionally). To feel more refreshed, we recommend setting an intention to take more time for yourself each day. By utilizing the reliability of your natural gas hot water heater, you can draw yourself a warm, bubbly bath, turn on some relaxing music, light your favorite scented candle and let the stress of daily life melt away.

Build your savings: After splurging on gifts, travel, food and drinks, it’s important to find ways to save money as you welcome in a new year. As a natural gas customer, you’re in luck! Thanks to the affordability of direct use of natural gas in your home appliances, you’ll save an estimated $900 a year compared to individuals who use electric appliances. With those extra funds, you can start saving for your next family gathering or fun adventure.

Read more books: Finding opportunities for less screen time is an important way to separate yourself from your phone, computer or TV and instead focus on the simpler things — like reading a book. Try setting an intention to read one book a week, month or quarter to make good on your goal of minimizing screen time. While you bask in the comfort of your natural gas fireplace as you read your favorite novel, you’ll find yourself drifting away with all your favorite characters.