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4 Ideas to Make Your Backyard the Best Summer Hangout Spot

Summer is almost here, and we know you’ll want to spend as much time as possible soaking up the sun and enjoying the season. If you’re looking for a cool new place to hang out this summer, may we suggest: your backyard? Try these tips for making your backyard your favorite place to relax.

1. Install a fire pit.

Maybe you’ve never thought about having a backyard fire pit, but we guarantee you’ll be surprised by how often you’ll enjoy yours. It’s almost like adding another room to your house. On cool summer evenings, it’s the perfect way to slow down, enjoy others’ company, and soak up the little slice of nature that is your backyard. Plus – s’mores just aren’t the same when you make them on the stove! 

And did you know you could have a fire pit powered by natural gas? As this post explains, natural gas fire pits are safer and way more convenient than wood ones. And you won’t have smoke blowing in your eyes, either. Look up your local natural gas provider to get started.

Pro tip: Provide lots of flexible seating around your fire pit, so you can huddle close with one or two others or spread out to host a big party in the future.

2. Plant an edible garden.

Nurturing a plant from seed to harvest is satisfying. Getting to enjoy the results of that harvest – like fresh herbs and vegetables – is even better. 

Pro tip: Start small, but plan big. In your first season, you may want to grow just a few plants. Even so, think ahead to when you may be growing more, so that you don’t have to uproot and relocate later.

3. Upgrade your grill.

Are you still schlepping to the store for propane tanks or bags of charcoal? We know we’re biased, but we think natural gas makes grilling so much more fun. You get more precise temperature control, and you never run out of fuel. And if you grill often, natural gas will save you money, too.

Pro tip: Find out more about natural gas grills, and how to get natural gas in your home, in our FAQ.

4. Add a splash of color.

Feeling bored and stir-crazy this weekend? Why not paint your deck chairs bright yellow, or string up some colored lights?

Pro tip: Think about your favorite parts of your backyard view – flowers, sunsets, whatever! – and pick colors that will draw out those tones