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Natural Gas

Natural Gas Can Do That Too!

So, you are thinking about making the switch to natural gas. What’s the first step? It’s time to start looking into all the possibilities of natural gas. You’ve probably been thinking of switching to natural gas with just one or two appliances in mind. But you might be surprised by how many more ways you can take advantage of natural gas.

Although these upgrades have upfront costs, they often provide long-term savings – not to mention copious amounts of coziness.


Natural gas provides the best, most consistent heating for your cooking and grilling adventures. It instantly provides even heat to your stove and does away with everyone’s “favorite” guessing game: “Is the grill’s tank almost empty, or is there enough propane to grill these steaks?” Hooked up to natural gas, you’ll run out of things to cook before your grill runs out of fuel.

Home comforts

Few things in life are as calming and cozifying (we had to make up a word) as sitting around an open flame. Whether you are enjoying the fresh air or cuddled up on the couch, there is a natural gas answer for either occasion! A gas fire pit or fireplace gives you all the feelings of an organic fire without having to chop and stack wood. Speaking of flames, the dancing and flickering of natural gas outdoor lighting adds warmth to any patio or walkway. From rustic to modern, there is a style to fit any aesthetic.

Hate wrinkled clothes? Once a gas dryer turns off, the heat dissipates very quickly, which dramatically cuts down on wrinkling. Gas dryers dry clothes more quickly than traditional electronic dryers – and gas dryers are more energy efficient as well.

Heating and cooling

If you have central air conditioning, switching to a gas unit will reduce energy consumption by 30–50% when compared to electric. It also requires less maintenance since it has no compressor and fewer moving parts. On average, natural gas air conditioners last two to three times longer than electric ones.

Gas furnaces and hot water heaters offer savings, too. May we suggest going with a tankless water heater? Nothing beats a relaxing bath or shower where the temperature is just right the whole time.

Speaking of heating water, how many times has cool weather quickly turned your swim into a polar bear plunge? A gas pool heater could be just the ticket to making your pool enjoyable for more of the year without breaking the bank. Congrats! You’ve taken the first step and educated yourself on all the possible uses natural gas holds for you. This is the real genius of natural gas – when you realize just how many ways this simple home upgrade can change your life. Armed with this information you are ready to contact your local natural gas provider and set up an appointment.