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Natural Gas

Checklist for a Perfect Home

So, you’re buying a home – congratulations! Those early conversations about taking the plunge are some of the most exciting and terrifying. Now, when you scroll through online home listings, you’re not just dreaming of “someday” – you’re making a wish list for today.

Maybe you’re thinking of a peaceful neighborhood with lush, green trees and a quiet backyard, or perhaps you’re yearning for the hustle and bustle of a city. No matter what you picture when you envision that perfect home, there’s an abundance of factors to consider beyond the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 

One decision that requires close attention is the type of energy source available within a home.  For budget-conscious homebuyers, this should be top of mind. Homes that use affordable, reliable natural gas provide additional comfort for individuals and families looking to plan ahead for their future and not overextend themselves when entering a mortgage. 

It takes work to find your dream house, but we’re here to help! We’ve developed a convenient checklist to ensure you chose a home that truly has it all:

Affordability:  A smart budget for your house hunting strategy includes more than just mortgage payments, and monthly energy bills can quickly cut a hole in your pocket. Choosing a home with natural gas means less stress about paying an expensive energy bill. In fact, homeowners that use natural gas save as much as $900 per year, freeing up extra funds so that you can focus on making your new house a home. 

Efficiency: The efficiency of natural gas is something you can feel good about from the moment you walk into your new home for the first time. You worked hard for that brand-new rainfall shower and spacious in-house washer and dryer – and you should feel good about your choices because you selected a home with natural gas energy. At three times the efficiency of electricity, your new natural gas appliances use less energy than similar electric appliances, leading to lower emissions of greenhouse gases. In fact, residential gas customers have been leading the nation in reducing emissions for 40 years.

Reliability: At the end of the day, knowing that your home has reliable power to keep you safe in the event of a weather emergency is priceless. A home with natural gas is a home that will always have gas cooking, hot water and heat, so that you can make a meal, take a warm shower and keep your family comfortable no matter the weather. Although we hope those emergencies never arise, knowing your home has a reliable energy source can give you invaluable peace of mind.

Buying a home is a big step, and you deserve to find a place that checks all your boxes. Choosing natural gas means choosing monthly savings, efficient appliances and reliable power all in one. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of natural gas, explore our website and engage with us on Facebook and Instagram.