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Natural Gas Bans Explained

There’s been talk in the news lately about natural gas bans and electrification. If you’re wondering what that means for you and your home, we’ve got you covered.

What is it? Natural gas bans are a pathway to achieving total electrification or an all-electric future. Policy proposals in some states and communities across the country aim to ban the direct use of natural gas in homes and businesses for cooking, home and water heating and clothes drying.

How will it impact you? If implemented, natural gas bans would remove the ability for consumers to choose the energy source that best fits their budget and lifestyle – eliminating access to a reliable energy source that’s three times more efficient than electricity and not contingent on external factors like weather.

What will it cost? Currently, natural gas customers save an estimated $900 annually compared to individuals using electricity only. By shifting to an all-electric home, natural gas customers would be forced to shoulder the added cost of electricity on their utility bill.

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