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Don’t Be Fooled This April, Choose Natural Gas

As the saying goes – April showers bring May flowers. And with this increase in rainfall and unpredictable weather conditions, there may be more days spent inside while waiting for the flowers to bloom. That’s why it’s important to choose a reliable home energy source that you can rely on, no matter the season. Even better, thanks to the unmatched affordability and efficiency of natural gas appliances, your home will be foolproof year-round from both weather conditions and skyrocketing utility bills. Read more about how natural gas can help you plan ahead.

April Showers Bring…

May Savings – When it comes to household bills, every dollar counts. That’s why 85 million Americans choose to benefit from a cost-effective energy source like natural gas that can save families nearly $900 a year compared to all electric homes.

Families Indoors – This April Fool’s Day is a time to foolproof your home from unexpected power outages by choosing an energy source that can weather any storm. Unlike electric appliances, which are subject to frequent grid outages, the reliability of natural gas in your home can keep pace with your daily routine. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy life’s most precious moments hassle-free. And if you’re looking for rainy day activities to do with your family, consider using your natural gas stove and oven to create new recipes and memories this Spring.

Sustainability into the Home – Spring is a time to appreciate the wonders of nature and growth. And while you eagerly await the beautiful flowers that come after the rain, it’s important to also think about ways to reduce your home emissions and live more sustainably. The efficiency of natural gas – more than twice as high as electricity – can minimize your home’s emissions while keeping pace with even your busiest days. If you’re looking to energize your home efficiently and sustainably, natural gas is the right choice for you.