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Spring Forward With the Help of Natural Gas

This month marks the official start of Spring, and it’s time to prepare for longer days and warmer weather. Indoor activities begin to shift outdoors, and the sun shines later into the day allowing you to create more memories with friends and family. As you prepare to turn your clock forward during Daylight Savings this month, you may be focused on losing that extra hour of sleep and the change in routine. Learn more on how you can Spring forward with ease thanks to the affordability, reliability and efficiency of natural gas in your home:

  • Time is money! Losing an hour of sleep does not mean you also have to lose on savings. Spring kicks off the time of year when we fire up the grill and bring the festivities outdoors. Natural gas grills along with other gas appliances provide a cost-effective way to try new recipes while saving an estimated $900 per year.
  • Depending on where you’re located, the fluctuating Spring weather may cause interruptions to your family’s daily routine. Choose an energy source that can keep up with your busiest days, no matter the weather. Natural gas provides year-round home and water heating to more than 85 million Americans. On chillier days, the direct use of natural gas will reliably keep you and your loved ones toasty and comfortable while helping ease concerns about inclement weather.
  • After losing that hour of sleep, you may find it hard to remain productive throughout the day and in the evening when it’s time to cook. With the efficiency of natural gas appliances both in saving you time and emissions, you can spring ahead of your daily activities to enjoy that extra hour of sunlight. You’ll breeze through mealtime with on-demand cooking thanks to your natural gas stove all while utilizing an energy source that is about 2.5 times more efficient than homes using all-electric appliances.

Daylight savings time brings with it the new beginnings of spring and excitement of gathering with friends and family after a long winter. There’s no better time to make the switch to natural gas and lock in your ability to save money on an efficient and reliable source of energy. Not sure where to begin? Check out our expert network of local natural gas utility providers to start saving today!