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Fire Up the Grill, Summer’s Here

Each July, there’s a certain excitement in the air. Maybe it’s the childlike wonder of seeing lightning bugs on an evening walk, the relaxing feeling of spending the day near water, the anticipation of hearing fireworks in the distance or the tantalizing smell of dinner on the grill. No matter what prompts it, the feeling that summer brings is one of joy and familiarity, especially when you’re able to gather with family and friends for a fun outdoor barbeque or cookout.

Whether you’re preparing slow cooked pulled pork or baby back ribs for Independence Day or grilling up your signature burger recipe on a laidback Friday night with friends, you’ll benefit from cooking on a natural gas grill. As grill master, the even cooking temperature of natural gas will make maintaining a steady, low temperature a breeze when slowly smoking pork over many hours. And, if low and slow isn’t your speed, natural gas grilling will also provide you with the ability to evenly cook burgers for all of your guests without breaking a sweat. Now that’s quite a feat in the summer heat!

Beyond giving you the ability to master grilling with ease, natural gas customers also benefit from its affordability and efficiency. With estimated annual saving of more than $900 dollars, you can splurge on the wagyu beef sliders and add that extra rack of baby back ribs to your grocery cart without feeling guilty. And, because of natural gas’ efficiency, which is nearly 2.5 the rate of electricity, you’ll help limit harmful greenhouse gas emissions while you’re serving up delicious meals for your family and friends. That’s not to mention the time you’ll save not having to buy charcoal and wait for the fire to subside before you can begin cooking.

Summer is short and expensive, so why not save time and money by switching to a natural gas grill? To learn more visit: