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Natural Gas

Get Away and Enjoy the Comforts Provided by Natural Gas

If you’ve been feeling the travel bug and want to put your wanderlust into action, summer is a great time to do just that. With the kids out of school and summer Fridays on the horizon, now is the time to get excited about fun trips away or a nice, relaxing staycation to explore the city where you live. No matter if you’re planning to fly halfway around the world or drive to a new part of your hometown, you’ll want a cozy and inviting place to stay that helps bring those relaxation vibes to life the moment you walk through the door.

Vacation rentals are a great way to do just that, especially when you find a property with natural gas appliances. From hosting a seafood boil with friends to perfecting your homemade pizza recipe, natural gas ovens and stoves make cooking on vacation fun and delicious! And, if you’ve always wanted a gas range, now is the best time to try before you buy – but be prepared, you’re sure to fall in love with its quick startup and even temperature control.

The benefits of renting a home with natural gas appliances don’t just end there. When it’s time to soak in a nice sunken tub, having access to a natural gas water heater will ensure your bath time doesn’t get interrupted by lukewarm or even cold water. So let the bath bombs start filling the tub with fragrant smells and luxurious oils, turn on some soft music, sink into the warm water and let any stress that led up to your vacation wash away.

After you’re relaxed from a warm bath and full on the delicious meal you cooked on the natural gas range in your vacation rental, step outside to take in the summer night and light the natural gas fireplace or firepit, if your rental has one. This is the pinnacle of vacation excellence, especially during a cool night with a cup of your favorite beverage and a s’mores kit! Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to spot a few fireflies lighting up the night sky while you look around with joy and appreciate the friends and family by your side.

This magical night can be just one of many when you make the switch to affordable, efficient and reliable natural gas appliances in your own home. Learn how you can make this vacation dream a daily reality by checking out our Genius Choice landing page.