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Grill-Master Guide – how to take care of your grill

Switching over to a natural gas grill is liberating. With a constant flow of natural gas, you’re no longer at the mercy of your propane tank or charcoal refills. And now that you’ve invested in natural gas, you want to do everything in your power to keep your new setup running at peak performance. So here’s an overview of everything you should do to maintain your gas grill from the start to the finish of the grilling season. 

Preparing and Cleaning

Start by giving your grill a thorough cleaning. You can use warm soapy water to scrub the grates and then work your way to any other portion of the grill that you can take out or have access to. If you encounter any particularly obstinate gunk, check out this article on how to use vinegar to get rid of hard-to-remove residue.

Pro tip: Once your grates are clean, coat them with a layer of vegetable oil each time you grill to prevent food from sticking to them and help keep them clean throughout the year.

While you are taking your grill apart to give it a deep clean, carefully check each and every part related to the burners to make sure there aren’t any cracks or blockages that could cause gas to flow in an unnatural manner. Check your hoses and the connection where the gas is hooked up to the grill to make sure that they are fully functional without any cracks or holes. A good way to do this is to pour soapy water on the hose and around any connectors while the gas is on and look for bubbles that will appear if there are any leaks.

Lastly, open the gas valve and you are in business!

During Grilling Season

With these tips, you can keep your grill clean and functional even during daily use.

Each time you start the grill, apply a little vegetable oil to the surface of the grates using a paper towel. Once you have finished a grilling session, turn your grill to high and leave it on for a few minutes to burn off any excess food particles that may be stuck to the grates. When you turn it off, give the grates a quick scrape and you will be amazed at how easily gunk comes off.

Keeping your grill covered from the elements is imperative. Any water that gets on or in your grill can cause rusting and corrosion that will shorten the life of your grill and create a safety risk. We recommend purchasing a high-quality grill cover and using it whenever you are not actively cooking.

Shutting Down Your Grill for an Extended Period of Time

If you ever find yourself in the sad situation where you won’t be using your grill for a few weeks or months, take these steps to store your grill properly.

Give your grill another good scraping, plus a quick final cleaning. Once the grates and interior look good, spray some cooking oil on them to create a barrier to any moisture that may want to build up.

Find the shutoff valve for the gas and turn it off tightly. Double check with some soapy water that there are no leaks around the fittings that connect to the grill. Put the cover on and make sure that it is tied on properly.

Now get out there and add some flavor to the world!