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Making the switch to a natural gas fireplace with Wit & Delight

Switching from a wood-burning fireplace to a natural gas fireplace can seem daunting, but it only takes a few key steps to switch to a mess-free fireplace that’s available at the flick of a switch. We partnered with Wit & Delight to show just how cozy – and simple – a switch to a natural gas fireplace can be. Making the switch to natural gas in your home just in time for the holidays can lead to coziness all winter long.

Step one: Research natural gas providers in your area.

This is an important step, because your local provider will be an expert resource for you throughout the process. They can also provide or connect you to a licensed professional.

Step two: Choose your installer and visit local showrooms.

You can do this virtually or in person, if your local option is open. Picking out the look of the fireplace can be fun but sometimes can be the step that takes the most time. Make sure you check out the partner post with Wit & Delight for how Kate chose her fireplace.

Step three: Schedule your installation.

Clear out the area before your professional arrives. Make sure the fireplace is installed by a professional who will ensure there is proper set up and ventilation.

Here is a preview of how Kate decided to switch and how you can, too. Once your fireplace is set up, the fun part of enjoying your cozy new home can start! Wit & Delight also shares how to make your own colored beeswax candles for an at-home DIY décor project to spruce up your new fireplace.

For the full post, visit An Exercise in Candlemaking and the Comforts of a Roaring Fire.

Watching summer creep by (and anticipating a very LONG winter), we wanted to get the fireplace up and running as soon as possible. However, the cost of replacing the liner wasn’t an item we had budgeted for (but that’s a different post). Always problem-solving, we asked ourselves if there was a smarter, more sustainable solution. We wanted to learn more about converting the wood-burning fireplace to a natural gas fireplace.

Initially, I had my doubts about the whole idea of natural gas. I’m a purist when it comes to the act and look of wood-burning fires. Part of what I love about a fireplace is the ritual of building a fire and tending to it. Having a fire isn’t a passive activity, but one that takes work. Aesthetically, natural gas fireplaces aren’t my thing. I was concerned that the new fireplace would take away from the integrity of the house; the installation would stick out like a sore thumb against the rest of the decor.

After doing some research and crunching some numbers, we decided to switch to natural gas. Not only was the cost significantly lower than replacing the liner, but it also saved on heating costs, and we knew it would be safe and ventilated properly—a MUST if using natural gas anywhere in your home. If natural gas is the right choice for your family, ventilation and air quality are the things to keep top of mind. Always consult a licensed professional, which is what we promptly did after making our final decision to install a gas fireplace insert.