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Natural Gas

Why Chefs Prefer Gas Stoves

Ask any chef what type of stove they prefer, and you’ll likely get the same answer: gas. Natural gas cooking is the standard for a reason, both in home and professional cooking. Why? Here are a few reasons…  


It’s hard to beat all the different ways you can cook on a gas range. Many gas ranges come with customizable add-ons like grill slots and warming zones to take cooking up a notch. Plus, having direct access to the flame creates possibilities to try tons of new techniques. That means better roasting, searing, simmering and even grilling.

Gas stoves can be paired with nearly any type of cookware – which isn’t always the case for induction stoves. Even unusually shaped cookware, like woks, can heat evenly and quickly with a gas range.


Not just a pretty face, gas ranges work hard and save money. On average, gas stoves can cut energy costs by up to 30% when compared to electric. Plus, gas can bring peace of mind: many natural gas stoves can work even when the power goes out.


When cooking with gas, the heat is instant – and the control is unbeatable. Having control over the flame means cooking your food at just the right temperature throughout. When cooking is done, or you need to turn down the heat fast, just switch off the flame. When the flame is out, so is the heat, so your food stops cooking at just the right moment.  

Cooking with gas is the best option for home and professional cooks alike. Like cooking with any heat source, make sure to use proper ventilation through your stove hood or a cracked window in the kitchen.

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