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Summer Nights Made Special with Natural Gas

Two young women cooking together in loft apartment

When summertime arrives, life seems to get a little sweeter. Each day is filled with sunlight, and each evening cools off just enough for dinners outside with friends and family. Whether you’re looking forward to savoring a tall glass of sweet tea by the pool, or simply enjoying that familiar smell of freshly cut grass, summer is a time that should be celebrated.

This year, consider adding something extra memorable to the calendar: a magical dinner alfresco. Sound expensive? Good news – there’s no need to break the bank at a fancy restaurant, because you already have everything you need right at home! Natural gas kitchen appliances transport you to the kitchen of a 5-star restaurant. Let’s take a look at how you can use your natural gas appliances to create an evening you’ll never forget:


To start, grab a fresh, juicy summer peach and fire up your grill! Natural gas grills get started and provide heat fast so that you don’t have to wait to get cooking. Plus, adjustable heat means you can count on a perfect sear every time. Add them to some greens with goat cheese and pecans and you’ll have a gourmet salad without the wait!


Did we mention that homes with gas appliances on average save up to $900 a year as compared to homes with electric appliances? Not only are you saving time in the kitchen—you’re saving money, too! Take those savings and splurge on an extra special entrée like a nice piece of fish or aged ribeye that will wow your friends or family!


For dessert, take advantage of the delicious berries in season! A decadent, homemade blueberry pie might sound intimidating, but gas ovens preheat quickly—faster than electric—meaning you’ll be serving your dessert (à la mode!) in no time.

Natural gas provides on-demand heating and cooking, so that you can focus on creating memories with friends and family, stress-free. Consider a switch to natural gas to make an easy, affordable upgrade to your kitchen. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a 5-star chef right at home!