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Natural Gas

Switching to Natural Gas with Ease

So you’re ready to make the switch to natural gas appliances. What now?

Switching may be easier than you think. Really, it comes down to just three steps:

Contact a Local Service Provider

If you do not already have a natural gas line running to your house, your local natural gas provider will be your main contact to help get you squared away. They will figure out the logistics of installing the underground natural gas service as well as the meter. This is where a lot of the upfront cost of switching will come into play, but don’t forget – your natural gas appliances can also bring you savings, year after year. Use our search of partnered providers to find yours and get started.

Find a Contractor for Inside Work

Once you have had a new line run to your home, you’ll need to hire a heating or plumbing contractor who will run gas lines through your house (unless you already have them). You may also be installing new appliances, like a gas stove, a tankless water heater, a gas fireplace, or a gas dryer. Some propane appliances can also be converted easily to work with natural gas, your contractor can help weigh in on this question.

When choosing a contractor, balance cost with quality. Natural gas should always be handled with care, and you don’t want to work with a contractor who’s cutting corners.

Pick your appliances

Now comes the fun part. While the contractor is working on running gas lines to the desired locations in your house, you can get started thinking about how you’ll make natural gas part of your lifestyle. We recommend visiting an appliance retailer in person to make sure the appliances you pick out suit your needs and your aesthetics. Many of our partnered natural gas providers also have appliance showrooms, so don’t overlook them when considering where to buy from. Don’t forget to measure too – not just the space where the appliance will go, but any doorways it will need to fit through!

Coordinate the appliance delivery with your contractor’s schedule. The contractor can do the final step of hooking up the connections and voilà! Now all that’s left is to enjoy your new natural gas lifestyle and all the benefits that go along with it.